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Understanding Matrix Rooms

All communication via Matrix takes place within rooms. Rooms can be made available publicly or kept private, and they can configured to be encrypted depending on your requirements. From the Element Matrix clients, Element Web App or Element Mobile / Desktop Apps, rooms can be found under the Rooms section. However when speaking directly to one particular person, a Room is marked as a Direct Chat and can be found under the People section instead.

Rooms, if desired, can be prioritized as Low Priority or Favorite, moving them into dedicated sections named as such. Rooms can also be organized into any number of Spaces, allowing you to further manage the rooms you see. In addition, you can customize the notification settings for each room to alert for All messages, only Mentions & keywords or to Mute room.

What's Next?

Getting Started

To start learning the basics of creating and using rooms, check our 'Getting Started' series of docs on the subject, starting with Creating a Room.