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Public Slack Bridge provides a public free Slack bridge, which is free to use forever but comes with some limitations:

  • You can bridge to an unlimited number of channels, but only public channels.
  • You must bridge to a public room.
  • Matrix users cannot puppet themselves, or Direct Message other users.

This guide explains how to use the free Slack bridge from the Integration Manager to integrate your Matrix room with a Slack room.

  • An EMS server is not required.
  • It requires your homeserver to be able to federate with


  1. Create a new room in Matrix, with encryption off

  2. Click Room Info in the top right corner of the room

  3. Click Add widgets, bridges & bots

  4. Choose Slack from the list of available bridges and integrations

  5. Click Add Bridge
    NOTE if you have purchased your Slack bridge from EMS: Ensure it says Slack integration on <your ems domain> here.

  6. Click Add to Slack

  7. Enter your Slack workspace URL, and click Continue

  8. Enter your Slack email address and password, then click Sign in

  9. Click Allow

  10. Close the Slack tab and return to Element

  11. Click List channels

  12. Click the Slack channel you want to bridge to the Matrix room

  13. Slack is now added to the Matrix room

  14. Go to the channel you selected on Slack, click the below the message box, enter invite, and select Add apps to this channel

  15. Add the Element Bridge

  16. The Matrix room and Slack channel are now bridged