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Migrate to the new GitHub and Feeds bots

New versions of the GitHub and RSS bots provided by Element are now available!

The previous bots are now considered deprecated and can no longer be configured. These bots have user IDs like or and will be decommissioned on April 30, 2023.

Who is this for?

These instructions are for anybody who previously set up a GitHub or RSS bot using the integration manager provided by Element.

How to migrate

You may migrate your bots using Element Web or Desktop.

  1. Open the Room info side panel and press Add/Edit widgets, bridges & bots.

  2. Select the bot you are migrating (Feeds or GitHub).

  3. Press Add to add the new bot to the room.

  4. Set up the new bot. Any configurations added previously will be shown under Migrate connections.

    • When migrating GitHub, it may be necesssary to log in again.

  5. Kick the deprecated bot.

If you don't want to migrate

If you don't want to migrate your bots, you can just kick the GitHub or RSS Bot user from the room.

If you don't do anything

If you don't take any action, the deprecated bots will remain functional for the time being, but can no longer be configured. These bots will stop functioning fully after the date mentioned above.

If you have issues

Issues can be reported to element-hq/element-integration-manager.

Some bots won't be available anymore

The following bots will also be deprecated, but unfortunately do not have a new version available:

  • Travis CI
  • Giphy
  • Google Image Search
  • Wikipedia Search
  • Imgur Image Search