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Element Enterprise Installer 2022-11.01

Element Enterprise On-Premise Releases

2022-11.01 New Features Implement Hydrogen web client deployment   Add the possibility to define an ingress class name per component. Use the following variable name to do so : <component_name>_ingress_class_name: <class name>   Add a powershell script t...

Element Enterprise Installer 2022-11.02

Element Enterprise On-Premise Releases

2022-11.02 New Features Add support for xmpp bridge.   Implement SIPBridge deployment. Upgrade Notes Update to operator 1.9.1. Bug Fixes Fix invalid config.json being generated for Element Web when neither Dimension or Integrator are configured and ther...

What Telemetry Data is Collected by Element?

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue Element collects telemetry data to understand whether or not customers are in compliance with what they've purchased. This article documents that telemetry data. Environment Element On-Premise Installer Environments. Telemetry Data Sample The followi...

Setting Up the XMPP Bridge

Element On-Premise Documentation

Configuring the XMPP Bridge The XMPP bridge relies on the xmpp "component" feature. It is an equivalent of matrix application services. You need to configure an XMPP Component on an XMPP Server that the bridge will use to bridge matrix and xmpp user. On the ho...

Element Enterprise Installer 2022-11.03

Element Enterprise On-Premise Releases

2022-11.03 Bug Fixes Fix deployment of ircbridge if dockerhub token is not used.

Setting Up the SIP Bridge

Element On-Premise Documentation

Configuring SIP bridge Basic config Copy sample file from config-sample/sipbridge/sipbridge.yml to the sipbridge sub-directory within your config folder Edit the file with the following values : postgres_create_in_cluster: true to create the postgres db int...

Element Enterprise Installer 2022-12.01

Element Enterprise On-Premise Releases

2022-12.01 Upgrade Notes Upgrade to operator 1.9.2. Synapse and Elementweb ingresses can now share a common fqdn (Please note that it is not recommended for security reasons).

Element Enterprise Installer 2022-12.02

Element Enterprise On-Premise Releases

2022-12.02 Upgrade Notes Update teams bridge to version 1.4.0.   Update groupsync to version v0.11.0.   Update bifrost to version v0.4.2.   Update hookshot to version 2.5.0.   Update elementweb to version 1.11.15.   Update synapse to version 1.72.0....

Exporting Messages

Element Cloud Documentation Element

Using your Element client you can export your Room's message history in HTML, Plain Text or JSON format - including attachments. Open the room you wish to export message history Access 'Room Info' using the icon in the top right Select 'Export Chat', t...

Setting Up Well Known Delegation

Element On-Premise Documentation

Well Known Delegation Configuration Copy sample file from config-sample/wellknowndelegation/wellknowndelegation.yml in the installer directory to CONFIG_DIRECTORY/wellknowndelegation Edit the file : --- extra_client: | { "im.vector.riot.jitsi": { ...

Setting Up Hydrogen

Element On-Premise Documentation

Configuring Hydrogen Copy sample file from config-sample/hydrogen/hydrogen.yml in the installer directory to CONFIG_DIRECTORY/hydrogen Edit the file : --- hydrogen_fqdn: "" # Additional JSON that will end up in Hydrogen's config.json ext...

How do I migrate to SSO while keeping my original accounts?

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue When having previously used Matrix without SSO, after setting up SSO, new matrix accounts are created for all users. Users would prefer to keep using there existing accounts, whilst still making use of SSO. Environment Element On-Premise Element Cloud...