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Token based registration

Element Cloud Documentation Element Matrix Services

Create a new registration token using the Synapse Admin API. Give this to your users. The registration flow looks like this: Enter username, password and email as normal. Click Register Enter the registration token and click Continue Continue registrat...

Apply coupon/discount

Element Cloud Documentation Element Matrix Services

Coupons can only be applied by new customers before purchasing any products. However, if you are an existing customer and want to add a coupon, please contact support at Terms and Conditions apply. See the page for your coupon o...


Element Cloud Documentation Integrations

Dedicated Hookshot instances are available for EMS Enterprise customers. To request Hookshot added to your server, please talk to your Account Manager. This guide only covers EMS-specific settings. You must review the Hookshot documentation available at https:...

Element X status on EMS Cloud

Element Cloud Documentation

This page outlines the current plan for making sliding sync (required for Element X) available for EMS cloud customers. The page will be updated if anything changes. See the Element blog post “Element X: Ignition” for more information on Element X. Hosts using...

Migrate From EMS to Self-Hosted

Element Cloud Documentation Element Matrix Services

For support on Synapse or matrix-media-repo, ask in the Matrix rooms and For support on bridges, see the bridge documentation for each bridge's support channel. See also this excellent blog post by Josh Simmons at The M...