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Kubernetes Installations

Element On-Premise Documentation

Our Element Enterprise Kubernetes Installer can handle the installation of Element Enterprise into your production kubernetes (k8s) environment. To get started with a kubernetes installation, there are several things that need to be considered and this guide w...

Single Node Installs: Storage and Backup Guidelines

Element On-Premise Documentation

General storage recommentations for single-node instances /mnt (or a common root for all <component>_data_path variables) should be a distinct mount point Ideally this would have an independent lifecycle from the server itself Ideally this would be easily s...

On-Premise Support Scope of Coverage

Element On-Premise Documentation

For Element Enterprise On-Premise, we support the following: Installation and Operation (Configuring the Installer, Debugging Issues) Synapse Usage/Configuration/Prioritised Bug Fixes Element Web Usage/Configuration/Prioritised Bug Fixes Integrations Delegat...

Installer fails on firewalld, but firewalld is not installed

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue I'm seeing this with the installer, but I don't have firewalld installed: 2022-08-15 15:52:20,258 p=33 u=element n=ansible | TASK [microk8s : Check that firewalld is started if installed] ******************************************************************...

Installer 2022-08.01 fails to pull element web into the cluster

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue After running the setup, the element web pod is stuck in ImagePullBackoff Environment Element Enterprise Installer 2022-08.01 Resolution It is necessary to uncomment the following variables in secrets.yml : dockerhub_username: dockerhub_token: If...


How to Upgrade microk8s for Single Node Installations

EMS Knowledge Base

microk8s in Single Node Installations For Element On-Premise and Element Enterprise On-Premise, we offer a multi-node installer and a single-node installer. In our single-node installations, we install Canonical's microk8s, a lightweight distribution of kubern...

Setting up On-Premise Metrics

Element On-Premise Documentation

Setting up prometheus and grafana (Starting from installer 2022-08.02) Copy sample file from config-sample/prometheus/prom.yml to the prometheus sub-directory within your config folder If you want to write prometheus data to a remote prometheus instance, p...

Integrator fails with Unable to initialise application. Failed to validate config: data/jitsi_domain must match format "hostname"...

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue After installing integrator and browsing to it by hostname, I get the following error: Unable to initialise application. Failed to validate config: data/jitsi_domain must match format "hostname", data/jitsi_domain must be equal to constant, data/jitsi_...