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Dehydrated devices.

To enable the dehydrated devices feature via the admin console in the Element Server Suite, follow these steps. This process assumes you have access to the admin console and the necessary permissions to make these changes.

Step 1: Access the Admin Console

  1. Log in to the Admin Console:
    • Navigate to the URL of your Element Admin Console.
    • Log in with your admin credentials.

Step 2: Configure the .well-known Endpoint

  1. Navigate to Configuration Settings:

    • In the admin console, go to the section where you can manage configuration settings for your Element Server Suite.
  2. Add the .well-known Key:

    • Locate the settings for the .well-known/matrix/client configuration.

    • Add the following key-value pair:

        "org.matrix.msc3814": "true"
  3. Save and Apply Changes:

    • Save the changes in the admin console.
    • Ensure the configuration is deployed and active.

Step 3: Enable the Experimental Feature in Synapse

  1. Navigate to Synapse Configuration:

    • In the admin console, find the configuration settings for Synapse.
  2. Enable the Experimental Feature:

    • Locate the experimental_features section.

    • Add or modify the configuration to include:

        msc3814_enabled: true
  3. Save and Restart Synapse:

    • Save the changes in the admin console.
    • Restart the Synapse service from the admin console if this option is available, or apply the changes as instructed by the admin console.

Step 4: Enable the Feature in Element Web

  1. Navigate to Element Web Configuration:

    • In the admin console, go to the configuration settings for Element Web.
  2. Add the Experimental Feature:

    • Ensure the configuration includes the setting to recognize the experimental feature. Add or modify the relevant section:

        "features": {
          "msc3814_enabled": true
  3. Save and Apply Changes:

    • Save the changes in the admin console.
    • Ensure the configuration is deployed and active.

Step 5: Test the Configuration

  1. Log in to Account A:

    • Ensure Account A has only one active web session.
    • Log out of Account A.
  2. Send a Message from Account B to Account A:

    • Using Account B, send a message to Account A.
  3. Log Back into Account A and Verify:

    • Log in to Account A again.
    • Verify the account using the recovery key.

Additional Notes

  • Web Client and iOS Only:

    • The dehydrated devices feature works only on the web client and iOS. Ensure you are using one of these clients to test the feature.
  • Verification:

    • After logging back into Account A, you should see the message sent by Account B.
    • The recovery process should function smoothly, leveraging the dehydrated devices feature.


By following these steps via the admin console of the Element Server Suite, you will enable the dehydrated devices feature. This involves configuring the .well-known endpoint, enabling the feature in Synapse, and ensuring the Element Web client recognizes the experimental feature. Test the setup thoroughly to confirm that everything is working as expected.