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Setting up Delegated Authentication with LDAP on Windows AD

In the installer, set the following fields:

  • Base: the distinguished name of the root level Org Unit in your LDAP directory.

    The distinguished name can be displayed by selecting View/Advanced Features in the Active Directory console and then, right-clicking on the object, selecting Properties/Attributes Editor.

Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 17.31.24.png

  • Base Dn: the distinguished name of the LDAP account with read access.
  • Filter: an LDAP filter to filter out objects under the LDAP Base DN.
  • Uri: the URI of your LDAP server. (often your Domain Controller) can pass in ldaps:// for SSL connectivity. The following are the typical ports for Windows AD LDAP servers:
    • ldap://ServerName:389
    • ldaps://ServerName:636
  • LDAP Bind Password: the password of the LDAPAD account with read access.

screencapture-3-76-146-148-8443-synapse-2023-05-04-17_33_17 copy.png