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Installer 2022-08.01 fails to pull element web into the cluster

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue After running the setup, the element web pod is stuck in ImagePullBackoff Environment Element Enterprise Installer 2022-08.01 Resolution It is necessary to uncomment the following variables in secrets.yml : dockerhub_username: dockerhub_token: If...


Configuring Synapse workers

Element On-Premise Documentation

From the Installer's Synapse page, scroll down to Synapse workers view. Click on Add Workers You have to select a Worker Type. Here are the workers which can be useful to you : Pushers : If you experience slowness with notifications sending to clients Clien...

Kubernetes : namespace-scoped deployments

Element On-Premise Documentation

Prepare the cluster - Admin side Installing the Helm Chart Repositories The first step is to start on a machine with helm v3 installed and configured with your kubernetes cluster and pull down the two charts that you will need. First, let's add the element-upd...

Customize containers ran by ESS

Element On-Premise Documentation

Issue In some deployments, you might want to customize the containers, because you want to add contents, change the web clients features, etc. Environment Element Server Suite (ESS) On-Premise Resolution The steps are: Create a new configmap definition wi...

ESS Sizing

Element On-Premise Documentation

The values provided below are indicative and might vary a lot depending on your setup, the volume of federation traffic, active usage, bridged use-cases, integrations enabled, etc. CPU & Memory Synapse Homeserver The installer comes with default installation p...

ESS - Backup & Restore Guide

Element On-Premise Documentation

Introduction Welcome, ESS Administrators. This guide is crafted for your role, focusing on the pragmatic aspects of securing crucial data within the Element Server Suite (ESS). ESS integrates with external PostgreSQL databases and persistent volumes and is dep...

Verifying ESS releases against Cosign

Element On-Premise Documentation Appendices

Cosign ESS Verification Key ESS does not use Cosign transaction log to be able to support airgapped deployment. We are instead relying on a public key that you can ask if you need to run image verification in your cluster. The ESS Cosign public key is the foll...

ESS CRDs support in ArgoCD

Element On-Premise Documentation Appendices

ArgoCD can support getting the ESS CRDs Status as resource health using Custom Health Checks You need to configure the following under the configmap argocd-cm of argocd : data: resource.customizations: |*: health.lua: | h...