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What data should I collect when I have an issue?


  • I'm having an issue with Element's on premise server suite and need to know what data to collect to share with Element.


  • Element Enterprise Server Suite On-Premise


The following data is helpful to collect for Element:

For issues perceived to be with the installer, please run:

kubectl logs -n operator-onprem $(kubectl get pods -n operator-onprem  | grep -i running | awk '{print $1}') > ~/operator-$(hostname).log
kubectl logs -n updater-onprem $(kubectl get pods -n updater-onprem  | grep -i running | awk '{print $1}') > ~/updater-$(hostname).log
tar cvjf element-installer-config-logs-$(hostname).tar.bz2 ~/.element-enterprise-server/config ~/.element-enterprise-server/logs ~/operator-$(hostname).log ~/updater-$(hostname).log

and send to Element. Replace with the hostname of your server to find the file.

For issues perceived to be with microk8s in single node environments, please run:


This command will build a tarball of microk8s related data and tell you at the end where that tarball is located:

Building the report tarball
  Report tarball is at /var/snap/microk8s/4950/inspection-report-20230419_074048.tar.gz

Please send that specific tarball to Element for analysis.