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module 'jsonschema._utils' has no attribute 'load_schema'


  • On-Premise installer fails to install with error: module 'jsonschema._utils' has no attribute 'load_schema'


  • On-Premise 2023-02.01 -> 2023-07.01 (Non-Airgapped)


Please pause any updates to your installer before updating to 2023-07.02.

If you need to run an update, you can work around the error by editing ~/.element-enterprise-server/installer/requirements.txt and change openapi_schema_validator==0.4.0 to openapi_schema_validator==0.5.0 .

Please update your version of the installer to 2023-07.02 (once available) or newer. Installations using these newer versions will prevent this issue from re-occurring.

Root Cause

The On-Premise installer installs required dependancies when run. The update of jsonschema to 4.18.0 has broken compatibility with the version of openapi_schema_validator the affected installer versions use.

Customers using the airgapped installer of affected versions will not be affected as the dependancies included in the build pre-date the 4.18.0 update.