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How do I give a user admin rights when I am using delegated authentication and cannot log into the admin console?


  • I am trying to log into the admin console, but cannot log in with the provided onprem-admin-donotdelete user as I am using delegated authentication.


  • Element Server Suite


If you wish to give admin access, then as a user with kubernetes access to your environment, run:

kubectl exec -n element-onprem -it pods/postgres-0 -- /usr/bin/psql -d synapse -U synapse_user -c "update users set admin = 1 where name = '';"

You will want to replace with the actual user that you wish to give admin to.

Root Cause

The issue is that the delegated authentication does not have an onprem-admin-donotdelete user and so there is no way to log in with the provided admin account.