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DRAFT: migration from self-hosted to EES On-Premise


Before starting with this guide, please contact EMS support from or by emailing

  • Except where specified, you should be able to just copy-paste each command in succession.
  • Please do not change any file names anywhere.


This section outlines what you should do ahead of the migration in order to ensure the migration goes as quickly as possible and without issues.

  • At the latest 48 hours before your migration is scheduled, set the TTL on any DNS records that need to be updated to the lowest allowed value.
  • Upgrade your Synapse to the same version as EMS is running. Generally this will be the latest stable release. is a good indicator, but confirm version with your EMS contact.
    • This is not required, but if your Synapse version is not the same as the EMS version, your migration will take longer.
  • Check the size of your database:
    • PostgreSQL: Connect to your database and issue the command \l+
    • SQLite: ls -lah /path/to/homeserver.db
  • Check the size of your media repository and report to your EMS contact.
  • If you are using SQLite instead of PostgreSQL, you should port your database to PostgreSQL by following this guide before dumping your database

SSH to your matrix server

You might want to run everything in a tmux or a screen session to avoid disruption in case of a lost SSH connection.

Upgrade Synapse to the same version EES is running


Start Synapse, make sure it's happy Stop Synapse

Create a folder to store everything

mkdir -p /tmp/synapse_export
cd /tmp/synapse_export

The guide from here on assumes your current working directory is /tmp/synapse_export.

Set restrictive permissions on the folder

If you are working as root: (otherwise set restrictive permissions as needed):

chmod 000 /tmp/synapse_export

Copy Synapse config

Copy the following files and send to EMS Support:

Stop Synapse

Doing so can cause issues with federation and inconsistent data for your users.

While you wait for the database to export or files to transfer, you should edit or create the well-known files and DNS records to point to your new EES host. This can take a while to update so should be done as soon as possible in order to ensure your server will function properly when the migration is complete.

Database export


Dump, compress and encrypt


  • <dbhost> (ip or fqdn for your database server)
  • <dbusername> (username for your synapse database)
  • <dbname> (the name of the database for synapse)
pg_dump -O -h <dbhost> -U <dbusername> -d <dbname> | gzip > synapse_db_export.sql.gz

Setup new host

On the new host set the

grab macaroon_secret_key from homeserver.yaml and place it in the "Secrets \ Synapse \ Macaroon"

import DB

psql -U synapse_user synapse on postgres pod shell

  FOR r IN (SELECT tablename FROM pg_tables WHERE schemaname = current_schema()) LOOP
    EXECUTE 'DROP TABLE ' || quote_ident(r.tablename) || ' CASCADE';
END $$;

DROP sequence cache_invalidation_stream_seq;
DROP sequence state_group_id_seq;
DROP sequence user_id_seq;
DROP sequence account_data_sequence;
DROP sequence application_services_txn_id_seq;
DROP sequence device_inbox_sequence;
DROP sequence event_auth_chain_id;
DROP sequence events_backfill_stream_seq;
DROP sequence events_stream_seq;
DROP sequence presence_stream_sequence;
DROP sequence receipts_sequence;
DROP sequence un_partial_stated_event_stream_sequence;
DROP sequence un_partial_stated_room_stream_sequence;

\q to quit

on pod: cd /var/lib/postgresql/data

on host: gzip -d synapse_export.sql.gz sudo cp synapse_export.sql /data/postgres/synapse/

on pod: psql -U synapse_user synapse < var/lib/postgresql/data/synapse_export.sql