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LDAP Active Directory

This guide assumes you already have a forest/domain configured and that your environment is properly secured.

This is a basic configuration. You may want to set additional options or permissions in your forest/domain.


To enable authentication with LDAP and Active Directory, the following needs to be done:

  • Configure secure LDAP in your domain.
  • Create a user and optionally an UO to use for LDAP authentication.

Configure Your EMS Server

  • Set up an Element Cloud Enterprise server.
  • Click the Integrations tab.
  • Select LDAP from the list of available Advanced Authentication methods.
  • Set the following configuration parameters:
Bind URI: ldaps://
Base: OU=matrix,DC=example,DC=com
Bind DN: CN=emsadmin,CN=Users,DC=example,DD=com
Bind Password: supersecret
UID: SamAccountName
Display Name: See below
Email: mail
  • For Display Name, you have a few options based on your preference. For example:
    • displayName
    • GivenName
    • Name
    • sn
  • For a full list, open PowerShell on your domain controller and enter
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Get-ADUser test_user -Properties *
  • Save your LDAP settings and wait for your EMS server to reprovision.
  • Authentication in Element should now be working. If not, please look in the logs for your firewall or domain controllers or contact EMS support from our support form