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Element X status on EMS Cloud

This page outlines the current plan for making sliding sync (required for Element X) available for EMS cloud customers. The page will be updated if anything changes.

See the Element blog post “Element X: Ignition” for more information on Element X.

Hosts using traditional password authentication

We are in the process of rolling out sliding sync to these hosts. We are hoping to be ready by the end of next week (Friday October 29, 2023). Check back on this page for status updates. Or give Element X a try and see if it works. If your host is not ready yet, you will receive an error in Element X when attempting to sign in.

If your host is using Custom DNS and you are not using “EMS hosts well-knowns”, you will need to update your client well-known file to enable Element X support. You will receive an email with specific instructions for your host. But, if you want to prepare, you can update your client well-known file like this:

GET https://yourcustomdoman.tld/.well-known/matrix/client

    "m.homeserver": {
        "base_url": ""
    "m.identity_server": {
        "base_url": ""
    "org.matrix.msc3575.proxy": {
        "url": ""

If you are not using Custom DNS or if you are using “EMS hosts well-knowns”, no changes are required by you.

Hosts using delegated authentication/SSO including Element One users

Unfortunately, you will not get sliding sync support right now. We are hoping to be able to offer sliding sync by November/December 2023.