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Apply coupon/discount

Coupons can only be applied by new customers before purchasing any products. However, if you are an existing customer and want to add a coupon, please contact support at

Terms and Conditions apply. See the page for your coupon or ask your Element contact or support.

  • Create your EMS account normally
  • If you have agreed to pay by invoice/bank transfer, stop here and let your Element contact know you have created your account so they can enable invoice payment for you
  • Add your billing address and payment card on, or click Your Account, then Billing
  • Go to, or click Your Account, then Account
  • If you are a business, you must enter your company name and if applicable, VAT ID here
  • Click Show Discounts
  • Enter your coupon code and click Apply coupon

  • Continue host setup normally. The discount will automatically be applied to all applicable products