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What data should I collect when I have an issue?

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue I'm having an issue with Element's on premise server suite and need to know what data to collect to share with Element. Environment Element Enterprise Server Suite On-Premise Resolution The following data is helpful to collect for Element: For issues...

I need a new token!

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue I lost my EMS token and now I can't set up new installations. Environment Element Server Suite Resolution Browse to and you will see a page with all of your subscriptions that looks similar to: For y...


Element Knowledge and Documentation


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Components of Element Server Suite

Element Server Suite Admin Guide

Welcome to Element Server Suite! Our secure communications platform enables a lot of functionality out of the box. This guide will help you get started. Components of Element Server Suite The Element Server Suite is composed of the following functionality: El...

Using the Admin Console

Element Server Suite Admin Guide

N.B. This document relates to versions 2023-07.01 and later. First, let’s get started by logging into the admin console. To do this, make sure that the installer is still running or bring it up by running the installer binary like this (Please specify the corr...

Documentation Covering Installers from 2023-03.01 to 2023-05.04

Element On-Premise Documentation Archived Documentation Repository


Setting up Sliding Sync

Element On-Premise Documentation Integrations and Add-Ons

Introduction to Sliding Sync Sliding Sync is a backend component required by the Element X client beta. It provides a mechanism for the fast synchronisation of Matrix rooms. It is not recommended for production use and is only provide to enable the usage of th...