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Public Slack Bridge

Element Cloud Documentation Integrations provides a public free Slack bridge, which is free to use forever but comes with some limitations: You can bridge to an unlimited number of channels, but only public channels. You must bridge to a public room. Matrix users cannot puppet themselves,...

Deutsch: Nutzung der eigenen Domain mit EMS

Element Cloud Documentation Non-English

Matrix ist ein Chat-Protokoll, mit dem Nutzer*innen auf verschiedenen Servern miteinander chatten k├Ânnen. Deshalb ist, wie bei E-Mail-Adressen, der Server fester Bestandteil einer jeden Nutzer-Adresse: Nach dem @-Zeichen folgt der Ben...

I can't upload files after updating to 0.6.1

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue Can no longer upload files after upgrading my PoC environment to 0.6.1. Environment Ubuntu 20.04 Element Enterprise Installer 0.6.1 Resolution To resolve this issue, recursively change the permissions of the directory configured in parameters.yml as ...


Installer fails on enabling addons

EMS Knowledge Base

Issue The installer is stating that it's failed and I'm seeing messages like: skipping: [localhost] => (item=host-access) changed: [localhost] => (item=ingress) FAILED - RETRYING: [localhost]: enable addons (3 retries left). FAILED - RETRYING: [localhost]: en...


Setting up GitLab, GitHub, and JIRA Integrations With the Installer

Element On-Premise Documentation

In Element Enterprise On-Premise, our GitLab, GitHub, and JIRA integrations are provided by the hookshot package. This documentation explains how to configure the installer to install hookshot and then how to interact with hookshot once installed. Configuring ...

Setting Up the Integration Manager With the Installer

Element On-Premise Documentation

Known Issues The Dimension Integration Manager ships with a number of integrations that do not work in an on-premise environment. The following integrations are known to work with proper internet connectivity: Jitsi Widget Hookshot Frontend Please note that ...

Setting up Group Sync with the Installer

Element On-Premise Documentation

What is Group Sync? Group Sync allows you to use the ACLs from your identity infrastructure in order to set up permissions on Spaces and Rooms in the Element Ecosystem. Please note that the initial version we are providing only supports a single node, non-fede...

Setting up Delegated Authentication With the Installer

Element On-Premise Documentation

On Element Enterprise Depending on your provider, copy the sample file in the installer root directory from config-sample/synapse/ to ~/.element-onpremise-config/synapse cp -r config-sample/synapse ~/.element-onpremise-config/synapse Edit the file for th...

Setting up Permalinks With the Installer

Element On-Premise Documentation

Element Extra Configurations Copy sample file from config-sample/element/permalinks.json in the installer directory to ~/.element-onpremise-config/element Edit the file : { "permalinkPrefix": "https://<element fqdn>" } Restart the install script

Verify new Login

Element Cloud Documentation Cross Signing

When you log in to a new device/session, you must verify the login and connect it to cross signing and secret storage to access your backed up encryption keys for historical messages. This assumes you already have configured cross signing, see Set up Cross Sig...

Admin Bot

Element Cloud Documentation Integrations

Matrix brings lots of possibilities for collaboration through federation of different homeservers. This calls for moderation tools which consider the decentral power levels of Matrix rooms. Admin Bot is only available on homeservers with the Element Enterprise...

Reset Cross Signing

Element Cloud Documentation Cross Signing

Only do this if you have forgotten or lost your cross signing backup passphrase. Please read through the entire document before starting to make sure you understand the consequences of doing this. If you have an active session If you DO NOT have an active ...

Export and Import E2E Room Keys

Element Cloud Documentation Cross Signing

Element Web and Desktop Export Go to Element Security & Privacy settings Click Export E2E room keys Enter a secure passphrase and click Export Choose to save the file Select a directory on your computer Import Go to Element Security & Privac...

Check Status

Element Cloud Documentation Cross Signing

Go to Element Security & Privacy settings Expand the Advanced section Look for All keys backed up

Set up Cross Signing

Element Cloud Documentation Cross Signing

On first login to a new account Sign up or log in Click Generate a Security Key or Enter a Security Phrase. Then click Continue Take note of your key, then click Continue If you did not set it up on first login, or if you did not get asked If you ...

Submit Debug Logs

Element Cloud Documentation Element

Search for other issues of the same problem on Element Web and Desktop: Element iOS: Element Android: I...

Change Account Password

Element Cloud Documentation Element

Resetting the account password will log out all your sessions. Before doing this, make sure that all your sessions are connected to key backup, all sessions have backed up all their keys. See Check Cross Signing Status, and you have your correct key backup pa...

Add Email to Your Account

Element Cloud Documentation Element

Go to Element All settings Enter your email address and click Add When you get this message, check your email Click the link in the email. Make sure it opens in another tab/window, leaving your Element client where it is When you get this message...

Audit Bot

Element Cloud Documentation Integrations

Audit Bot is for compliance with the law or your organization's guidelines. This service account allows you to read every conversation on your server, including encrypted conversations. Audit Bot is only available on homeservers with the Element Enterprise Clo...


Element On-Premise Documentation

Introduction to Troubleshooting Troubleshooting the Element Installer comes down to knowing a little bit about kubernetes and how to check the status of the various resources. This guide will walk you through some of the initial steps that you'll want to take ...