Element Support

Platform-agnostic (Cloud / On-Premise) documentation for Matrix, the Element clients etc. and troubleshooting / getting support.

Quick Start Guide

EMS Docs version of the Element Quick Start Guide - https://element.io/user-guide

Quick Start Guide


If you are a new user click Create Account to register.

Select where to host your account by choosing a “homeserver”. You can use the custom server options to sign into other Matrix servers by specifying a homeserver URL. This allows you to use Element with an existing Matrix account on a different homeserver.



Click "Edit" to choose your preferred Matrix homeserver if you have one, or host your own.

To learn more about homeservers, please visit matrix.org.

From here, please enter a username, password and email address and click Register.

Alternatively you can register with your existing Github, Google, GitLab, Facebook or Apple account.

Once prompted, please read the Terms and Conditions and click accept.

An email will be sent to your inbox to verify your email address, please follow the steps in the email to complete your registration.

Now you can login

Enter your email or username and password then click sign in / log in. From here you will be taken to Home, where you can start exploring!

Secure backup

Secure backup is an important safeguarding step to take, to ensure you never lose access to your encrypted messages and data.

When setting up your account, a message will appear which prompts you to do so. If you missed the prompt you can set this up from within your security and privacy settings.

  1. Click continue to start this process.


  2. Choose a memorable security passphrase or security key (for file store). This will create an encrypted backup on your server that only you can decrypt.