Element Server Suite Admin Guide

Components of Element Server Suite

Welcome to Element Server Suite! Our secure communications platform enables a lot of functionality out of the box. This guide will help you get started.

Components of Element Server Suite

The Element Server Suite is composed of the following functionality:

Using the Admin Console

N.B. This document relates to versions 2023-07.01 and later.

First, let’s get started by logging into the admin console. To do this, make sure that the installer is still running or bring it up by running the installer binary like this (Please specify the correct version and don’t just copy this line!):


You will then see output similar to:

To start configuration open:


You’ll notice that the first page is the “Configure” tab on the top and the sections in the left hand menu mirror those in the installer:

Note that all settings under the “Configure” tab presently require you to re-deploy your installation by using the conveniently located “Deploy” button. Please make all changes across any of these pages that you wish to deploy prior to hitting the “Deploy” button.

If you click on the “Admin” tab, you will see the following screen:


In the left hand menu, we have the following options: