Setting Up the Integration Manager With the Installer

Dimension is Deprecated

Starting with Element Enterprise Installer 2022-09.06, we are now shipping Integrator, our next generation integration manager. When installing 2022-09.06 or later, you should install Integrator. If you still have Dimension installed, please follow this step to remove it:

kubectl delete dimension/instance -n element-onprem

Now you will need to delete the two configuration files for dimension. Assuming your configuration directory is ~/.element-onpremise-config/, the commands would be:

rm -rf ~/.element-onpremise-config/dimension
rm ~/.element-onpremise-config/element/dimension.json

Once you have finished these steps you may continue with the directions to configure integrator.

If you are on a release prior to 2022-09.06 and need documentation on dimension, please see: Documentation Covering Installers From 2022.07.03 to 2022.09.05

On the hosting machine

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