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Setting Up the Enterprise Admin Dashboard


Our Enterprise Admin Dashboard gives you the ability to manage users, rooms, the Adminbot, and the Auditbot. In the future, we will be expanding the functionality of this dashboard.

Configuring the Admin Dashboard

Start by copying config-sample/synapseadminui/synapseadminui.yml into your configuration directory, by running these commands from your installer directory:

mkdir ~/.element-onpremise-config/synapseadminui
cp config-sample/synapseadminui/synapseadminui.yml ~/.element-onpremise-config/synapseadminui/

The above assumes that ~/.element-onpremise-config is your configuration directory. Change it as necessary.

The config has these items:

synapseadmin_fqdn: <admin fqdn>
admin_elementweb_fqdn: <special elementwen web admin fqdn>

Let's discuss them:

  • synapseadmin_fqdn: This is an fqdn with PEM encoded SSL certificates that the installer can use to host the Enterprise Admin Dashboard.
  • admin_elementweb_fqdn: This is an fqdn with PEM encoded SSL certificates that the installer can use to host a special Element Web Application that is used only by the Adminbot and Auditbot for the purpose of logging in these users.
  • verify_tls : Optional. If doing a POC with self-signed certificates, set this to 0. Defaults to 1.

For each of these FQDNs, you will need to make sure that a PEM encoded .crt and .key pair are in the certs directory of the configuration directory.

If you are not using delegated authentication, you will also need to set one more variable in your secrets.yml in the configuration directory and that is:

adminuser_password: <password>

Replacing <password> with the actual password that you want to use to be able to login to the Admin Dashboard with the

onprem-admin-donotdelete user.

If you are using delegated authentication, then you will need to give synapse admin privileges to one of your users. Let's say that your user who needs to have admin is named To give this user

kubectl exec -n element-onprem -it pods/postgres-0 -- /usr/bin/psql -d synapse -U synapse_user -c "update users set admin = 1 where name = '';"

Once you have done this, re-run the installer and after the pods have come up, you will be able to access the Enterprise Admin Dashboard at the provided FQDN.