Setting up On-Premise Metrics

Setting up VictoriaMetrics and Grafana

From the Installer's Integrations page, click "Install" under "Monitoring"

For the provided prom.yml, see the following descriptions of the parameters:

For the specified grafana_fqdn, you will need to provide a crt/key PEM encoded key pair in ~/.element-enterprise-server/config/legacy/certs prior to running the installer. If our hostname were metrics.airgap.local, the installer will expect to find metrics.airgap.local.crt and metrics.airgap.local.key in the ~/.element-enterprise-server/config/legacy/certs` directory. If you are using Let's Encrypt, you do not need to add these files.

After running the installer, open the FQDN of Grafana. The initial login user is admin and password is the value of admin_password. You'll be required to set a new password, please define one secured and keep it in a safe place. ~

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