Setting Up Chatterbox

What is Chatterbox?

Chatterbox allows for the embedding of a light-weight matrix-based chat client into any standard website. Chatterbox can be configured in two main modes:

How to set up Chatterbox

Copy config-sample/chatterbox/chatterbox.yml.sample into a file called chatterbox/chatterbox.yml in your configuration directory.

Create a certificate for the fqdn of chatterbox (chatterbox.example) and add that PEM based .crt/.key pair to your certs/ directory.

Edit the values of chatterbox/chatterbox.yml and set the following:

Deploying Chatterbox to Your Website

On the website that you'd like chatterbox set up on, add the following code:

        window.CHATTERBOX_CONFIG_LOCATION = "https://<chatterbox_fqdn>/chatterbox-webconfig/config.json";
    <script src="https://<chatterbox_fqdn>/assets/parent.js" type="module" id="chatterbox-script"></script>

replacing <chatterbox_fqdn> with the value specified in the config file.

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