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Migrating From 0.6.1 to 1.0


With the release of the 1.0 installer, we've made some changes that we think will greatly improve your experience with the installer, but which also require some changes to your 0.6.1 environment. This document will walk through the following changes:

  • New configuration directory structure.
  • Switching to the EMS Image Store registry.

New Configuration Directory Structure

Our on-premise installer operates on the premise that to get new updates for your environment, you download the latest version of the installer and run the installer again. Prior to the 1.0 release, this also required copying configuration files from one installer directory to the new installer directory. In 1.0, we are introducing a new configuration directory structure that will make it much simpler to download the latest installer and run it, without having to worry about moving configuration files around.

To move configuration from 0.6.1 to 1.0, please do the following:

mkdir ~/.element-onpremise-config

Now, we need to copy files from the 0.6.1 installer directory into this new configuration directory. For this example, I will assume that you have the 0.6.1 installer unpacked into ~/element-enterprise-installer-0.6.1 . Given this assumption, here is what you would need to do:

cd ~/element-enterprise-installer-0.6.1
cp parameters.yml ~/.element-onpremise-config/
cp secrets.yml ~/.element-onpremise-config/
cp -R certs ~/.element-onpremise-config/
cp -R extra-config/* ~/.element-onpremise-config/

Now you have migrated to the new configuration directory structure. Going forward, your configuration will stay in this directory.

Switching to the EMS Image Store Registry

In 1.0, we've also moved our container images to a new registry known as the EMS image store. With this move, you now only have one username and token to keep up with as opposed to the two credentials you had to manage pre-1.0.

To make the switch to the EMS Image Store Registry, you will need to contact Element and ask for an EMS Image Store user name and token. Once you have gotten these, you will need to edit secrets.yml in the configuration directory and remove these two lines:

registry_username: "myuser-2022"
registry_token: "mytoken"

and replace them with:

ems_image_store_username: "username_from_element"
ems_image_store_token: "token_from_element"

Further, if you've set the following lines in groupsync.yml, dimension.yml, and/or hookshot.yml, you will need to remove them as they are no longer used:

ems_bridges_registry_username: <ems bridges registry token name>
ems_bridges_registry_password: <ems bridges registry token password>

Wrapping Up

Once you have taken care of addressing these changes, you'll be able to run the 1.0 installer. Going forward, the syntax for running the installer will look like:

bash  ~/.element-onpremise-config

where the first parameter passed to is the config directory that contains your configurations.