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Configuring Synapse workers

From the Installer's Synapse page, scroll down to Synapse workers view.

Click on Add Workers

You have to select a Worker Type. Here are the workers which can be useful to you :

  1. Pushers : If you experience slowness with notifications sending to clients
  2. Client-Reader : If you experience slowness when clients login and sync their chat rooms
  3. Synchrotron : If you experience slowness when rooms are active
  4. Federation-x : If you are working in a federated setup, you might want to dedicate federation to workers.

If you are experience resources congestion, you can try to reduce the resources requested by each worker. Be aware that

  • if the node gets full of memory, it will try to kill containers which are consuming more than what they requested
  • if a container consumes more than its memory limit, it will be automatically killed by the node, even if there is free memory left.

You will need to re-run the installer after making these changes for them to take effect.