Auditbot troubleshooting

I can't access auditbot view anymore, web console shows "Bad MAC"

This is a symptom that Auditbot Secure Storage got corrupted. It can happen if you try to change the passphrase of Auditbot through the UI for example.

Warning : This procedure will make rooms history unable to decrypt in auditbot UI. The rooms history will still be available in audit logs generated by auditbot, in the S3 or file storage.

We will have to reset the 4S passphrase of auditbot. To do so :

Stop the operator and edit auditbot pipe :

kubectl scale deploy/element-operator-controller-manager -n operator-onprem --replicas=0
kubectl edit statefulsets.apps first-element-deployment-auditbot-pipe -n element-onprem
  1. Add the following under env
  value: "true"

Wait for the pipe to restart, check its logs, and check that you can login through the adminui.

Edit the Statefulset again :

kubectl edit statefulsets.apps first-element-deployment-auditbot-pipe -n element-onprem

And remove the env variable you added :

  value: "true"

Restart the operator :

kubectl scale deploy/element-operator-controller-manager -n operator-onprem --replicas=1

It will restart auditbot and it should now work properly.

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