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Element Enterprise Installer 2022-10.02


New Features

  • Add support for custom ingressClassName. Use the variable ingress_class_name in k8s.yml to specify an ingressClassName.


  • Add support for IRC bridging


  • Hookshot 2.4.0 :
    • Add support for notifying when a GitHub workflow completes.
    • Disable GitHub workflow events by default.
    • Support Jira version events.
    • Allow multiple Jira connections at a time (either in the same room or across multiple rooms).

Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrade to operator 1.7.2



  • Upgrade to Operator 1.6.3 - Fixes the SynapseAdminUI missing ca.pem mount point.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix chatterbox encrypt_room parameters always evaluated as true.


  • Fix hookshot duplicated containers ports


  • Fix firewalld detection failing on RHEL9.


  • Fix CA not loaded into SynapseAdminUI workloads. It resulted in the admin user not able to access the Auditbot/Adminbot with a custom-CA.


  • Fix hookshot documentation since version 2.3.0 in local doc files.


  • Fix integrator documentation mentioning postgres_host instead of postgres_fqdn


  • Fix integrator verify_tls not being propagated to the pod


  • Fix teams welcome message erroring out if using a multiline welcome message in welcome_room_text


  • Fix teams logging_level variable not propagated to the pod


  • Fix telegrams limits message mentioning EMS platform even if we are deploying on-prem