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Element Enterprise Installer 2022-10.01

New Features

  • Standalone deployment: If python-venv is already present, the installer is now able to pursue the installation script even if the OS repository connectivity fails.
  • Hookshot 2.3.0 mainly brings the following features:
    • Jira can now be managed through hookshot widget
    • Gitlab comments in MR can now be sent through Hookshot

Upgrade Notes

  • This might need to run kubectl rollout restart sts/instance-synapse-main -n element-onprem after the installer run to make sure that the new Integrator AS/HS token are used by Synapse.
  • Upgrade to the element-operator 1.5.6.
  • Warning: This release will uninstall jitsi if using the version based on metacontroller before installing the new version. There might be a short downtime while running the upgrade.

    Upgrade jitsi to version 7648-4. Upgrade jitsi-helm to version jitsi-7648-4.

  • Upgrade ansible collections and ansible dependencies versions.
  • Upgraded Groupsync to v0.10.0-6-g1a947b7 to improve logging and reduce the number of critical failures.

Security Issues

  • Fix of the integrator hardcoded AS/HS tokens.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix missing helm binary in airgapped deployment

    Fix missing containerd images in airgapped deployment :

  • Retry 3 times when upload to local registry fails randomly.
  • Fix element-web client configuration missing integrator or dimension config if the elementweb config directory does not exists or does not contain any configuration.
  • The groupsync variable ldap_check_interval_seconds is not ignored anymore.
  • Fix docker secrets rendering error when doing an airgapped deployment of integrator
  • Fix default jitsi url for integrator when jitsi is not installed, or jitsi_fqdn is not defined in integrator.yml. New default jitsi url is
  • Fix microk8s expected CPUs, at least 6 are expected instead of 2.
  • Fix a bug where the installer would fail if no addition was configured.
  • Fixes some issues when a SynapseUser password was nullified.
  • Fixes airgapped deployment of jitsi Fixes missing kube apply command on jitsi manifests.
  • Add a conditional to avoid applying empty manifests.


  • Implement a new changes tracking system based on Openstack Reno.