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Provide a quick and simple interface for end-users (potential customers, sales leads, support requests, etc.) to interact with your Matrix homeserver.


  1. Set up an Element Cloud or Element Enterprise Cloud EMS host following Get Your Own EMS Server

  2. Disable reCAPTCHA on

  3. Click the Integrations tab or this link. Select Chatterbox from the list of available Extensions

  4. Set the configuration options as required for your use case and click Set Up Integration. See the Configuration options section below for more details

  5. Wait for your host to finish reprovisioning

  6. Copy the embed HTML and add it to your website or app

  7. Chatterbox is now available on your website

Configuration options

Operation mode

Join room

This will add all your Chatterbox users to one room.

  1. Create a public room on your EMS server with encryption off

  2. Find the Internal room ID for the room. In Element Web/Desktop, click the room name at the top -> Settings -> Advanced -> copy the room ID (starts with !)

  3. Add the room ID to the Chatterbox configuration

Note, that this mode also works with an encrypted room, but this is not recommended. Anyone can find and join the room, so anyone can read messages. You'll get none of the benefits of encryption. Encrypting messages in a public room will make receiving and sending messages slower.

Responder group

This creates a new Matrix room per Chatterbox user. This is the mode demoed in step 7 of the Setup section.

To set up:

  1. Add at least one user from your EMS server to the Chatterbox config
  2. Set the Responder selection method to either Round-robin or All
  3. Select if you want the rooms to be end-to-end encrypted or not

Responder selection method

Round-robin - the system tries to load balance incoming users against the pool of responders. Only the selected responder will be invited to the new room.

All - this will invite all configured responders to the new room.